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Transform your home.

Great attention to detail in our product means having beautiful focal pieces that create wonderful finishes.

Stairwells can be framed with these bold dado rails and the ceilings finished with strong cornice that highlights the shape of the room.

Notice how the chandelier becomes more focal with the detailed ceiling rose.

Beautiful Rooms

Turn a room into a masterpiece by accenting the ceilings with varying depth levels provided by the ceiling roses, with framing and detail offered by the cornice.

Provide strong detail to your arches and turn standard pillars into more eye-catching items by giving them more detail.

Frame your mirrors so that they fit in with the main look of the bedroom.

Ceiling detail

Ceilings are flat, but should they be?

With Dudley Moulding you now have the ability to truly express your own individual style throughout your home. 

Ceilings previously flat can be framed highlighting the symmetry using detailed cornice and then transformed by creating more depth, using these panels.

The bottom line is that no two rooms should ever look the same.